More about Me!

Hi Everyone,

This week we began by reading I Like It When and You Choose, both by Mary Murphy. We also read I Like Me, about a little pig with healthy self esteem. We looked at a collection of our pictures that we would
include in our Me books. Each person created a watercolor for their book. After a short interview they chose a cover and decorated it. They helped staple the pages together and then we read each person's All About Me book to the class. They were excited to hear each other's interviews.

We are continuing to read books about our five senses and to think about how we are using them. We are singing: Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, Byum Byum By Bubblegum, Open Shut Them, Where Is Thumbkin?, This Little Light of Mine, and more. We played in the big room again this week. Much fun was had by all.

In the yard we are working on: speaking up for ourselves, using our words, listening to friends' words, taking turns on the swing and slide, asking for help if needed, falling down, and getting up.

During snack and lunch we are working on: eating our main meal first, chewing with our mouths closed, sitting in our chairs while eating, cleaning up our own place mats, opening and closing containers, and yes, eating.

We began our whole body tracings at the end of the week. We used crayons, markers, and watercolors, so far. We will do much more work on them next week.

Have a long weekend,