Fun feet feel

September 30, 2017

Hi everyone,

Monday we started with a fun foot feel. Everybody took their shoes and socks off and we attempted to pick up rubber bands and pencils with our toes. Many couldn't resist using hands. We counted our toes and said This Little Piggy. We sang Open, Shut Them, and Where Is Thumbkin? We read The Soles Of Your Feet and followed the leader into the big room to feel different textures with our bare feet. We walked across the textures many times. The children said they felt soft, smooth, sticky, scratchy, hard, prickly, poppy, and like a tiger.

Monday there were seven sleepers. That's quiet. Y'all must have had a good long weekend.

Tuesday, after tracing our feet, we made a foot print mural using two colors. More practice taking off shoes and socks, and putting them back on. We are using two hands and two eyes to see where the problem is when struggling with socks, also with pants and underwear in the bathroom. Some children can see what's stuck and fix it.

We made a list of things we can do with our feet: run, walk, jump, run up a hill, pick up things with our toes, point toes, and a few people said, "not running in the house." We added the classroom as well. Everyone watercolored their feet tracings. 

We played ball games. The first one we called hot potato. We sat in a circle and rolled seven balls at once. The idea was to get rid of the balls (hot potatoes) as fast as possible. It was a fast moving game that lasted surprisingly long. There was much laughter. When we went outside, we brought two balls to use with our feet. We tried only kicking them but hands are just too handy. 

Next week we begin talking about our five senses. 

Good day,