How much wood?

Dear parents,

The children worked all week with wood. They stacked, glued, stacked, and glued some more. We used Christmas tree stumps, alphabet blocks, spools, and other small pieces of wood. On the third day, we painted the sculptures with metallic paint.

Friday we did the Hokey Pokey at the start of circle. We listened to New York, New York and danced our way to snack time. We listened to different kinds of music, jazz and acoustic Arabian, during snack time and heard guitars, trumpets, and maracas. We read Rap A Tap Tap and Ben’s Trumpet to get ready for the music unit starting next week.

In the big room we played babies and fire, and ran, ran, ran many laps saving babies.

A few children decided they had boo-boos on their fingers and walked around with a tissue to soak up the pretend blood from the cuts. Maybe inspired by a bloody hangnail a few days ago.

We listened to a few stories at lunch, and everyone had good listening ears and chewing mouths.  We read and sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider before quiet time with quiet voices, everyone loved the long story version of the song. By popular demand, we finished We Built A Climber. A few kids remembered exactly where we left off the day before.

Thanks for the boxes. We have plenty!

Have a fantastic weekend,
Therese and Anna