I am a robot

Dear parents of robots,

This week we acted like robots.  We. Talked. Like. Robots. We read two books that had robots in them. One was a toy robot while the other was a real robotic arm used in outer space. The children told us what they already knew about robots: they have metal parts, they have arms and
hands, legs and wheels, batteries and remote controls. Two classmates told us they have a robot at home that cleans the floor. Another person told us robots in Star Wars help people fight. Someone else said there are toy robots. One of our books said robot arms can help astronauts do dangerous things in space.

Monday we painted our robot bodies. Tuesday we were going to assemble the rest of our robots but the workers were sort of on strike so we decided to play in the big room instead!

Friday the assembly line was prepared to work. We had five stations. 1. Head assembly. 2. Head on body. 3. Eyes on head. 4. Arms on body. 5. Hands on arms. The workers worked and then had a union break. Afterwards we played with our shiny-ish new robots. The robots crawled on the carpet, flew around, landed, and then blasted off. They flew in the big room, played on the jungle gym, jumped off the stage, and flew around and around. Finally, some of the robots' batteries began to run down. We put them to rest and played on the jungle gym, tricycles, in the kitchen, and built with blocks.

Next week we have our last movement class and two sessions with Spellbound.

Have. A. Lovely. Weekend.