Hi all,

Monday we played in the big room and outside. Inside, children built with blocks, made maps to hidden treasures, and tricycled. Outside, many dug in the sandbox and made cakes, while others took turns on the swings. We found a big pile of bird feathers by the sandbox. The children guessed why they were there: maybe the wind blew them here, maybe a bird landed there and one of his wings fell off, maybe a fox ate him, or a dragon.

Lauren from Spellbound came on Tuesday and brought a tiny tree which progressed through the four seasons of a year. She sang songs, played the xylophone, and taught us sign language for each season, plus snow and rain. In the end, we got to eat a piece of real apple to eat. Yes, it was an apple tree.

She returned Thursday and we acted out a tiny play. People got to choose to be a seed, a flower, the sun, the rain, or the sky. Someone said, β€œIt feels cozy".

During our last movement class, we heard people crawling, running, and freezing. We saw children reaching high, low, and turning around. They also played Duck Duck Goose. While half the class moved in movement class, the rest of us drew with pencils.

In the yard, the sandbox has been getting lots of attention.

When we return we will begin a unit on growing and planting.

Have a sunny blooming Spring Break!