Birds of a Feather

Hi everybody,

We started our week rereading Why Can’t I Fly, a story about a monkey
who wants to fly. We made bird wings, like Minnie in the book, but
couldn’t test them because they were still wet with glue and feathers.
Instead we played parachute games. We sang songs, went under the
parachute, and each had a turn to go on top of the parachute too. The
class did a fantastic job of listening during the games. We played so
long that some of our arms began to tire. Whew!

Outside we discovered more worms, more snails, a couple of bees, a
spider, and at least two mosquitoes.

While half the class made music with Alex, the rest of us read books.
We read Boomer’s Big Day, about a dog who moves to a new home. The
children shared many stories about moving to new houses. We also read
Marshmallow about a bunny and a cat becoming friends.

We measured everyone on our height chart for the third and last time
this year. Needless to say, they’ve all grown like weeds.

We noticed our wings were all dry and ready for flight. We took them
for a spin in the big room. Before we took off someone asked how we
would make sure we didn’t fly into the ceiling or lights? We were
advised to be very careful. We listened to soft slow music and loud
fast music. The birds of a feather all flew together. The request was
for rock and roll.

We made bird feeders using pine cones and peanut butter. As soon as we
hung them up, the children wanted to know why the birds weren’t eating
them yet? We threw the rest of the seeds on the dirt area by the new
grass, still no birds. After quiet time we decided to tiptoe down to
look out the kitchen window. We saw three squirrels thoroughly
enjoying our bird feeders! There were also many birds pecking at the
seeds on the ground. We were happy. When we came out to play the
animals scattered quickly.

Have a lemony weekend,