Cookies and Milk

Hi Y’all,

This week the children did a fantastic job of decorating bags to wrap
gifts, assembling potpourri bags, and bagging their gifts. Everybody
talked about who they wanted to give their gifts to.

We read The Gingerbread Man and The Gingerbread Boy and compared the
two.  The class noticed the differences in the characters in each
book. We made gingerbread cookies for our families. Everyone took
turns mixing the dough, rolling it flat, and pressing cookie cutters.
We baked, decorated, and bagged gingerbread men for all. We counted
how many people in each of our families and bagged a cookie for each

We read two more versions of The Gingerbread Boy/Baby. We wondered if
our cookies would run around the big room when we went home at night.

Families came for cookies and milk. The children served their
families. Earlier we had talked about who serves them food at home. We
ate and drank, and were merry.

Thanks a million for your generous gifts!!

Have a wonderful holiday,