Eye Spy an Eye Pie

Dear Y’all,

We began our week reading What I Like About Me. Afterwards, we talked
about the parts of our eyes and looked in the mirror to see what
colors our irises are. Everyone colored an eye cutout to add to our
Eye Pie. We counted to see what eye color we have the most of in our
class. One person said they have yellow eyes and another said red.
Someone noticed our Eye Pie looks like a flower. It does.

Our first yoga class with Frank was a hit! We wrote a list of what we
know about yoga: it is exercise, stretching, bending, and sitting
criss-cross-applesauce. A couple of people said their mamas do yoga.
While half the class was in yoga stretching, the rest of us took turns
smelling boxes and guessing what was inside. Some guesses were: toys,
paper towel, "I don't know", soap, and cherries. We read My Five
Senses and thought about what senses we use during snack time. The
children said we use our sense of taste, sight, touch, and sound. “We
can hear the crunching crackers”. We asked if we could use our sense
of smell too? "Yes!", said the class.

Self-portraits with Heather have been rescheduled to next week due to
an illness.

We used our fine motor skills to cut up apples and bananas for snacks.
When talking about our sense of touch, the children said that the
apples feel hard but the bananas are soft.

In the yard people are playing family, superhero, climbing up the
slide, sliding down, digging in the sandbox, and swinging up a storm.

We played more Simon Says. He told us to hop up and down and stand on
one foot. We drew pumpkin faces to help figure out what kind of face
we wanted on our pumpkin. Everyone decided circle eyes, triangle nose,
and a round mouth with teeth. When we talked about lighting him up
with a candle someone shouted, “It’s like my birthday!” Someone else
yelled, “It’s a Halloween party!”

Next week we will eat our pumpkin seeds.

Have a strong weekend,