Simon Says do Hokey Pokey

Dear parents,

We began our week by drawing in shaving cream. People drew circles, mostly circles, round and round. 

During our morning circle, we shake our sillies out, we sing a song and read a book. After snacks, each day we work on puzzles. We have quite the puzzle-working group!

On Thursday we danced the Hokey Pokey. Also, children practiced hand-eye coordination at the water table by pouring water into funnels. While painting at the easel, some children noticed new colors when mixing paint. We added a new color to our play dough today, and made purple!

The class colored our Please Keep Off The Grass signs green. We placed them in the yard where our grass is still taking root.

We read Tiptoe Into Kindergarten; Mice Squeak, We Speak; One Happy Classroom; Everyone Poops; Hey! Wake Up! and many others books. After reading about animals, we growled like bears, barked like dogs, and slithered like snakes. We played Simon Says. He told us to reach up high, down low, and to hop up and down.

The swings are getting good use and encourage friends to use patience while waiting for turns. The sandbox is producing many cakes. Usually, it’s someone’s birthday every day. Also during this week, some children wanted to show us how high they could swing and how fast they could run. High and fast!

We have had five sleepers during quiet time. Shhhhh.

Next week, we will talk about our hands.

And that’s what it’s all about,