Take a walk on the wild side

Hi All,

This week during circle we counted our fingers and toes. We pointed and flexed our feet right before reading Hello Feet! Hello Toes! We went barefoot in the big room to walk across the stage and feel many textures with our feet. Children said they felt scratchy, bubbly, soft, sticky, prickly, and poppy. Everybody closed their eyes for one last super soft foot feel, then we put our shoes back on and went outside to play.

The next day we painted with our feet. Everyone stepped in paint and walked across mural paper. We painted the town red. After the washing of the feet, we put shoes back on and went into the big room to play. We shared tricycles, balls, and babies.

After reading The Soles Of Your Feet, everybody took turns trying to pick up a pencil with our toes, not easy! We read Froggy Goes To Bed and Good Morning, Chick! We noticed their feet were different from our feet and that the frog's feet flopped when he hopped. We made a list of things we can do with our feet: walk, run, hop, pick up pencils and keys.

In the big room, we stomped like elephants and dinosaurs, galloped like horses, skipped to my Lou, walked, and finally sat in a circle. We played Hot Potato with our balls, trying to get rid of them as quickly as we could, rolling them to friends.

We read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss during circle and sang Good Morning. In the big room, after playing,  we have been going to the Peanut Butter Wall and singing the Peanut Butter song. We use our hands to smash the peanuts and our feet to squish the grapes.

Next week we will dig deeper into our All About Me unit. We will make little books using our hand and footprints.

Have a chilly weekend,