Simon Says Do the Hokey Pokey

Dear Parents,

Monday we began our week using ABC stamps to paint our art folders.
Some people chose the first letter of their names to stamp onto their
folders. We used white and purple paint.

We sang the ABCs too, of course! While reading Mice Squeak, We Speak,
we meowed, barked, mooed, howled, hooted, roared, chattered, growled,
and bleated. The children said dogs growl when they are mad and want
you to stop.

Outside we dug in the sandbox, ran, ran, ran, and climbed the jungle gym.

Overheard in the yard: “I'm almost four.” A friend replied, “I’m
either four or five.” While a third person excitedly responded, “My
birthday is in two years!”

Tuesday we played Simon Says during circle. Simon said to touch our
toes, touch our nose, reach for the stars, and march like robots.
After marching around the classroom twice we sat down to sing good
morning and read My Nursery School. We noticed many similarities in
our classroom and the one in the book.

While playing in the yard we got to watch many workmen paving Carroll
Street. We saw a giant machine that we could not identify. A
construction man told us it was called a paver, who knew?! Someone
said it was his first time seeing a steam roller and a paver!

Wednesday we did the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about! We got
some laughs and a couple of puzzled looks. We found a roly-poly in our
classroom and a ladybug in the yard. Everyone had a chance to observe
them before they were set free. The insects that is!

We have had six sleepers during quiet time. Our Quiet Book is off to a
quiet start. Shhhhhhh.

On Friday, Simon said to act like a monkey, a dog, a cat, slither like
snakes, and wiggle like worms. We did all of the above before sitting
down to read Act Like A Bear. We also read Say Thank You.

It was a good week!

Thank you, thank you very much,