Simon says Hokey Pokey

Dear Parents,

We began our week decorating our art folders. We used paint and ABC stamps.  Many friends chose letters in their names.

During circle we've been singing the Good Morning Song and Willoughby Wallaby Woo to work on learning each other's names. We've read (many times each) We Love School, Wow! School!, My Nursery School, Ms. Bindergarten's Kindergarten, and My First ABC. We sang the ABC song bunches and lots of people did sing with us! We also played a little Simon Says and sang the Hokey Pokey. That is what it's all about.

Quiet time is quiet, with almost half the class sleeping the first day. And the second.

We played with shaving cream on the table top. The children drew lines and circles, and in two cases, drew on arms. We were not up in arms about it. We added food color the second day. The children mixed red and yellow.

We are working on: walking up and down the stairs in a semi-orderly fashion, sitting on the white line during circle so we can all see the book, learning each other's names, using our words to ask for turns, getting up when we fall down, and cleaning up after ourselves after snacks. Also, remembering to wash our hands after the bathroom, and pulling up underwear before pants. Considering it is our first full week, we're all doing a phenomenal job!

Next week we will talk about hands.

Have a sunny weekend,


Placemats and Playdough

Welcome (back) to Old First!

Our first day went swimmingly. We had one tiny tear and one crocodile tear. Both dried up by snack. Bananas helped.

Thursday and Friday we worked on decorating our placemats with crayons and markers. After hearing many children talk about purple on home visits, we decided to make purple play dough. The children poked, pounded, and squeezed it. All good for developing strong hand muscles that come in handy when drawing and writing.

The easel was thoroughly enjoyed. Children mixed paints to discover new and improved colors.

We played outside both days.  The sandbox and jungle gym were hits! The sandbox had someone working on building a new sidewalk, one person baking a birthday cake, two people making a pile, and a few digging holes. Busy as bees.

Our jungle gym turned into a high speed train and a fire truck. Speaking of fire trucks, many children worked cooperatively on the carpet to work our big fire truck puzzle. They assembled, and reassembled it, with little help, three times.

Only a few people wanted to swing. So far. Some are swinging sitting up while others are swinging on their bellys. Both are great core workouts and require balancing skill. In addition to all this, there was plenty of time to just run. Back and forth, and back and forth.

Separation is going well. Some like to be held when upset, some not. Either is fine.

It was a great first two days! Next week we will decorate our art folders, sing and dance, and act like animals.

Thanks for sharing your offspring,