Penguins and Gloop

Dear Parents,

Spellbound came on Tuesday and put on a show called The Naughty
Penguin. It involved three well-behaved penguins and one not so
well-behaved. It turned out that the naughty penguin just wasn’t happy
in the zoo. The children got to help feed the penguins and make water.
In the end, the naughty penguin redeemed himself by helping save a
friend from a seagull.

The next day, Becky, from Spellbound, came back and discussed the show
with the class. The children were able to recall many details from the
show. They came up with ideas for what would help the naughty penguin
to feel better. Everyone got a turn to be the naughty penguin and act
out the parts. There was a little acting, a little talking, and a
little dancing.

During dance with Sharon, we read Millions Of Cats, and Puppies,
Pussycats And Other Friends. We added to our list of different places
where animals live. The children suggested we add farm animals to the
list. We also added animals that live in water.

On Friday we did the Feely Box. We asked, "What animal does it feel
like?" The children said the animal felt furry and fluffy. They
guessed a rabbit, a doggie, a fox, a sloth, a fishy, a giraffe, and a
furry hat! It was a real raccoon tail attached to a fake fur hat. All
great guesses.

We made Gloop on Friday by mixing glue, Borax, and water. We added
food coloring and orange oil. The children guessed the scent. Everyone
got a turn to help mix the potion, and then we played with it for a
while. People used the Gloop to make a pizza, a worm, some pancakes,
gloves, bracelets, and much more.

Have a restful weekend,

Beading, Masks and PJ's

Hi All,

We began our week back by beading necklaces. We listened to word
patterns in a couple of books, clapped a pattern with our hands, and
then made a pattern using two and three colors of beads. We put our
fine motor skills and color awareness to work.  Many wore their
necklaces all week. We saved them in the classroom to wear next week
during our Mardi Gras parade.

We created animal masks using paper plates, paint, animal print paper,
and pipe cleaners. Children said they were a tiger, a monkey, a cat, a
unicorn, a fish, a dog, a sloth, a bunny, a worm, and four porcupines.

We asked what animals live in trees, on the ground, under the ground,
and in our homes? After making a list of the above, children talked
about who eats animals and who does not.

We walked to Puppetworks to see Cinderella. Her sister’s names were
Citronella and Dardanella. We got to see how the marionettes work
after the show. A couple of children were on the edge of their seats.
One person said her mama watches Cinderella at home, another said they
were hungry.

On Friday, everyone wore pajamas to school, always a big hit. We
beaded more necklaces. In the big room people built with blocks, put
out fires, kicked balls, used frozen powers, rode tricycles, and
climbed as high as humanly possible on the jungle gym.

Next week we will have a parent share, to celebrate Mardis Gras, and
Spellbound will be in the classroom two days.

Have a lean weekend,