THERESE RAGGHIANTI, Head Teacher/Director, graduated from Brooklyn College with a Masters in Education in 1998. Her undergraduate studies were in Fashion Design and Merchandising from the American College for the Applied Arts in Atlanta and London. Therese began teaching at Old First in 1997 as an assistant. After several years as Head Teacher/Director, she left to have her own preschooler and returned as a parent. During that time she stayed on as Educational Director and then Educational Consultant. Therese believes that important life skills are being taught every day in preschool and is excited to be part of that process. Making learning fun while fostering self-esteem is one of her primary goals. She accomplishes this through song, dance, play and playdough. During her spare time, Therese enjoys sewing and playing the Alfaia with a Brazilian marching band.

Our Assistant Teacher, ANNA MCANDREW is pursuing her Master’s in Science for Early Childhood Education. Anna received her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Classic and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at The Pennsylvania State University. She has traveled to inspiring places such as Egypt, Greece, Germany and Prague amongst others. Anna believes that the every day is an opportunity for children to fall in love with the educational experience. She aspires to create a space that children can succeed in through creative play and instruction.

Kay Gordon: Educational Consultant