Dear Mamas and Papas,

Welcome to Old First Nursery School!

I joined Old First in 1997 and spent my first year as assistant teacher. In the years that followed I have served as head teacher, educational director, substitute teacher, and when I had my own preschooler, as a parent. My daughter's fondest memory is sticking to the peanut butter wall.*

Old First is a special place where families work together for the good of the children. It is a place where bonds are made and lasting friendships are formed.  A place where children learn about themselves and others through play. It is through play that children experience the world around them.

While building with blocks they learn balance, shapes, sizes and quantities all math skills.  While playing with play dough they are strengthening hand muscles needed for drawing and writing skills. During dramatic play they act out family roles and heroes, and begin to understand relationships and social connections. While digging in the sandbox they begin to coordinate hand-eye function and gross motor muscles. Such activities facilitate social skills like sharing, negotiating, and working with friends. Singing and sharing during circle time enhances verbal and language abilities. Scientific exploration and observations happen in the yard as the children become aware of our changing trees, spring insects, and budding flowers.

The children are constantly (non-stop!) learning and growing, all while playing and having fun. Our goal is to make your children's first school experience successful and fun. Each success at school, small and large, builds confidence and self-esteem.

That's what it's all about!

Therese Ragghianti
Head Teacher/Director

*A wall that children "stick" to while we choose another activity, sing songs, or have discussions.