Tuition for 2018/2019 School Year  (Up to 5 days per week 8:45 AM- 3 PM)

Non-refundable deposit to be credited toward total tuition: $2,500

$14,300 for children born in 2015

$12,300 for children born in 2014

Each year, tuition increases slightly  from the previous year's tuition to reflect increases in rent, teachers salaries and other operating expenses. Tuition is the same for students who attend full-days or half-days and for those who attend five days per week or four. Deposits are due shortly after you receive notification of your acceptance to the school. Tuition is made in eight monthly payments due on the first of each month, beginning during the April prior to the student's matriculation at Old First. In addition to paying tuition, all families are required participate fully in the governance of the school and must complete all required duties.