It's Mine!

November 12, 2017

Hi everyone,

We started our week reading Leo Leonni's It's Mine! The children said
the three frogs in the book were not sharing or being kind. We noticed
when they were not sharing, some were frowning. However, when they
shared at the end of the book, everyone was all smiles. We see
similarities in our classroom.

The Greedy Python by Eric Carle gave us another example of someone not
wanting to share and the consequences of their behavior. We also have
been reading The Grouchy Ladybug.

We read Have You Seen Trees? and wrote down a list of trees we knew.
While half the class posed with Frank in yoga, we voted on one tree to
create for our family tree. Reminder: bring family photos!! (Insert
smiley faces here) We drew pictures of trees. We noticed that most
trees have the same color trunks.

We sang Byum Byum By Bubblegum in honor of the tree that won by a
landslide: the sweet gum tree. We blew big pretend bubbles and popped
them. The children do realize there is no gum on the gum tree. Some
children said they had chewed gum while others looked puzzled. One
person shouted, “You don’t swallow it!” We talked about where the gum
and syrup come from, and what a baby tree is called.

We started creating our family tree. We added brown paint to brown
paper using animal feet stamps. Some children used scissors to
strengthen hand muscles while cutting pieces of felt and brown paper
to use as the bark. We squeezed as much glue as possible before adding
our bark to the tee trunk.

We read I Love Fall! and thought about the leaves on our tree outside.
The children said it is mostly still green with a little bit of
yellow. We asked what our Lincoln Logs are made of? After answering
wood, we noticed many other things in our classroom and the big room
that are made of wood too: tables, chairs, bench, floor, walls and
balcony in big room, our boat, carriage, and our big blocks.

Family photos, please! Did I say that already?



Mr. Bones has a heart

November 4, 2017

Dear parents,

We began our week reading about our amazing bodies, inside and out. We
looked at pictures of where our hearts are and got to listen with a
stethoscope to each other's beating heart. We ran around the big room
and listened again to see if there was any change. We introduced our
doctor kit to the classroom and found out that many of us didn't feel
well, and needed shots. Thank goodness for all the doctors in the

On Halloween we drew pumpkin faces to get ideas for carving our
pumpkin. We talked about the different shapes of eyes, noses, and
mouths. After the pumpkin was carved, the children helped scoop its
insides out.  We lit a candle, sang some Halloween songs, and read
some not too spooky books. Some of us could hardly wait to get in the
big room to run and act out our costume characters. We realized every
day is like Halloween around here. We had orange snacks and pumpkin

We read more books about our body and examined Mr. Bones. We felt our
own bodies for bones we saw on our classroom skeletons. We felt our
spines in our backs and sat up straight and tall.

While half the class was in yoga, we read about how our lungs are
similar to balloons. We blew up a few balloons to demonstrate. We
played a game of trying to keep the balloons in our circle and off the
ground. It was fun and filled with laughter.

Pastor Meeter took us on a tour of Old First Church. We went up and
down many stairs, we saw stained glass windows, two chandeliers, two
organs, Pastor Meeter's cassock, and his office. He also played both
organs for us. He told us air makes the pipes work and we could hear
it hissing. Someone said it sounded like water.

Friday we had a small class. Six people were out, of those, five were
not feeling well. One more person went home early who said their head

We assembled our Me books and read them during circle. The children
are excited to bring them home next week.

We read I Was So Mad by Mercer Mayer. We reviewed our list of what to
do when we feel angry and added take a deep breath. We looked at our
feeling chart and people gave more examples of what makes us feel sad
or excited. We noticed the person in the book went from angry to
happy. What helped to change their feelings? The children answered,
friends. We thought about how to change our feelings when we feel sad
or mad. The children agreed friends help.

We did our first one minute meditation. We closed our eyes, sat
quietly, and thought about our breathing.

Please, oh please, bring a family photo (4x6 is a fine size) for our
family tree.

Next week, we continue talking about friends and begin our family tree.

Have a chilly weekend,