What can hands do?

This week we traced our hands and the children colored them all the colors of the rainbow using crayons. The next day we made handprints using black paint. Some children painted more afterwards.

We read Here Are My Hands, Hands Can, and Hands Are Not For Hitting. We waved hello, clapped, shook hands, and waved bye. We used our hands to eat snacks, help ourselves in the bathroom, and we washed our hands. We also read Wash Your Hands. We reviewed the hand washing steps and talked about how many pumps of soap and paper towels to use.

We made a list of things we use our hands for. It is hanging in the classroom. As is our list of what people did this summer.

We sang Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. We sang it as fast as we could. We sang it in s l o w motion.

We are encouraging using our words to ask friends for a toy, and for speaking up for ourselves. In the beginning of the year we give the children words to use in negotiating with friends. "I want a turn." "Can I use the truck when you're finished?" "I want to play alone right now." And making sure friends stop and listen to each other.

Many of our returning children are doing a lovely job of helping the younger ones. We've seen several gentle pats on the back and invitations to play.

Next week, feet. All about feet.

Have a nice long weekend,


Simon says Hokey Pokey

Dear Parents,

We began our week decorating our art folders. We used paint and ABC stamps.  Many friends chose letters in their names.

During circle we've been singing the Good Morning Song and Willoughby Wallaby Woo to work on learning each other's names. We've read (many times each) We Love School, Wow! School!, My Nursery School, Ms. Bindergarten's Kindergarten, and My First ABC. We sang the ABC song bunches and lots of people did sing with us! We also played a little Simon Says and sang the Hokey Pokey. That is what it's all about.

Quiet time is quiet, with almost half the class sleeping the first day. And the second.

We played with shaving cream on the table top. The children drew lines and circles, and in two cases, drew on arms. We were not up in arms about it. We added food color the second day. The children mixed red and yellow.

We are working on: walking up and down the stairs in a semi-orderly fashion, sitting on the white line during circle so we can all see the book, learning each other's names, using our words to ask for turns, getting up when we fall down, and cleaning up after ourselves after snacks. Also, remembering to wash our hands after the bathroom, and pulling up underwear before pants. Considering it is our first full week, we're all doing a phenomenal job!

Next week we will talk about hands.

Have a sunny weekend,