Dear Everyone,

Our week began with a second observation of our seeds. "I see little red things, those are the roots." "Vines on the bottom." "Roots." And, "My shell cracked open!" After looking at and examining them, everyone got to plant their seeds in a cup. Someone said we should put one scoop of dirt, the seeds, and then another scoop of dirt on top.  Several children agreed saying, "Yes, so the seeds are in the middle."  We got to work scooping dirt, adding water, and placed them on the window sill.

In the big room we played our usual tricycles, block building, dress up, food exchanging, and jungle gym climbing. There were families taking care of babies and each other, workmen building, speed-racers driving tricycles, and monkeys on the jungle gym. Right after cleanup everyone turned into puppies, kittens, joeys, a German shepherd, and one dragon with hard plates on his back for protection.

On our trip to the Prospect Park Zoo wesaw two peacocks, a python, turtles, an owl, baby sheep, goats, and seals. We got to feed the farm animals and pet the snake. The trip went off without a hitch.

Our seeds are still growing in little cups. We watered them two more times this week. Outside we took turns using two rakes, a hoe, and a shovel, to till the dirt. Everyone worked the land diligently clearing weeds, dead leaves, and discovering loads of crawling things in the dirt. After the rain, we found three slugs, two healthy and one no longer with us. There was also a "worm observation table".

We watered and observed our seeds a third time on Friday. There was a bit of excitement over the fact that some of our seeds had changed overnight.

Next week we will plant our seeds and begin our study of the ocean.

Have a great weekend,