All About Me Books

Dear Parents,

We are slowly gathering pages to make Me Books. Wednesday we read I
Like Me, You Choose, and I Like It When. Everyone had a turn to talk
about what they like. Some people talked about things they like about
themselves and some talked about things they like to do. We read them
during circle on Thursday.

We’ve been reading Once Upon A Potty, Everyone Poops, and Time To Pee.
In addition to peeing at drop off, we go to the bathroom before snack,
after snack, before we go out to play, before lunch, after lunch,
before quiet time, after quiet time, and at any other time of the day
as necessary - in case y’all were wondering.

Friday we worked with oil pastels drawing pictures for our books.

We have been singing Mares Eat Oats, Rain Rain Go Away, On Top Of
Spaghetti, What If All The Raindrops, Aram Sam Sam, and a couple of
train songs.

During lunch, someone asked a teacher what she wanted to be when she
grows up? This led to a detailed discussion of what children want to
be when they grow up. Pilot was at the top of the list, followed by
astronaut, car driver, cleaning teacher to take care of little ones,
baking teacher, double-decker train driver, construction worker,
zookeeper, president, and doggy.

Next week, we will complete our Me Books and begin body tracings.

Have a sunny weekend,