Duck, Duck and Mother Goose

Hi Everybody!

Our week began with a bang. We read many Mother Goose rhymes and then
played Duck, Duck, Goose. Around and around and around we ran.
Afterwards, we played some more.

We read The Three Little Kittens and made apple pie. Everyone had a
turn to use The Amazing Apple Peeler (only $19.95!). It peels, cores,
and slices the apples. We had so many apples we made two pies. While
our pies baked in the oven, we played in the big room. We ate one pie,
then went outside to swing, run, and dig in the sandbox.

Five sleepers slept on Wednesday during quiet time.

After reading Three Billy Goats Gruff we built with blocks to try to
make bridges of our own. The children built bridges and tunnels. After
sorting the blocks we played in the big room. We read many more Mother
Goose poems. Some the children had heard, and some were new.

Friday we read another version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and then
did an obstacle course. There were bridges and tunnels again. The
children did the course repeatedly for about 25 minutes. Then we
played in the big room, and after that we went outside to play some

We had a surprise fire drill Thursday morning in the rain during free
play. The children lined up quickly and quietly, walking out and
listening to instructions. We talked about it afterwards and everyone
gave themselves a pat on the back for doing such a great job.

Next week we’ll read Jack And The Beanstalk, and add beans to our rice table.

Have a great weekend,