Hi Everybody,

Monday Veronica came in and told us three different oral versions of
Little Red Riding Hood.  In the last version, Little Red Riding Hood
outsmarted the wolf. Veronica told us that the stories were 200 and
300 years old. The children said they liked the last one best. We
voted on whether to create a version of our own or to have Veronica
tell us a different story. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of
hearing her, so she told the story of a little man named

Tuesday we did our own retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

On Wednesday we rewrote and acted out Jack and the Beanstalk. We had
five Jacks, five mothers, three giants, and two audience members. Of
course, we used our giant beanstalk that we had made. Once the giant
came down the beanstalk, the Jacks and the mamas shrieked with
laughter and excitement. The story was kind of blurry after that.

We went to free-play in the big room and about five minutes later,
someone came up and asked, “Am I still the giant?” She decided she was
and ran off.

We had our second dance class with Sharon. While half the class
danced, the other half made Valentines. Most people agreed, the more
sparkles, the better. We read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch, a favorite
Valentine book.

We read Hop On Pop and Green Eggs And Ham. The children were able to
remember the author’s name with one clue: "Doctor." We searched for
rhyming words and found many. We made a list which the children
continued to add to during snack time and after.

When we return, we will do some beading in preparation for our Mardi
Gras celebration, and continue studying animals. We will make a
transition from pretend animals to real animals.

Hope y'all had a fantastic week off,