Our bodies

Hi and hi,

We worked diligently this week completing our body tracings. Everyone was traced last week and most have added many colors. We exercised our hand muscles to squeeze lots of glue in order to add colored sand and sparkles. The body tracings will be displayed in the big room around the kitchen and block area.

We used our listening ears to play Simon Says again. While most heard Simon, a few did not and decided to run amok. We all sat down and talked about how rules make the game work. We talked a little about rules for cars and what would happen if there were no speed limits or red lights. The children said cars would get broken and people would be hurt. Two people accidentally conked heads during the Simon game. Simon did not request that. We decided we would try again another day because it was time to go out to play. Simon said, "Yes, go out to play."

It was a short fun week.

Next week we will learn about our senses of sight and smell.

See you all Tuesday,