Chicks, Bears and Pinch Pots

Hello all,

Monday everyone rushed in to see the baby chicks that were still busy growing safe inside their little egg shells. Not one peep. Or crack.

After reading The Three Little Bears we got busy making our too small,too big, and just right pinch pots. We used red Mexican clay from theEarth and compared it with our red mom-made play dough. The children said it is harder and heavier. We used all our might and strengthened our hand writing muscles to push and pinch the clay. Everyone shaped and reshaped the clay until they were satisfied with their sculptures.

We read four versions of The Three Little Bears and the children
talked about the similarities and differences. They noticed many
differences in the illustrations: outfits, sizes of bears, and that some bears looked more realistic while others looked pretend. We also spent quite a bit of time during drop off one morning locating fairytale characters in the new puzzle Lily donated to the classroom.
The children took turns retelling each story. It was delightful.
We made porridge with bananas and currants Wednesday morning and
reread The Three Bears while it cooled. It was not too hot, it was not too cold.

We called farmer Eric and he is bringing us new and improved baby chick eggs. Yes, we put all our eggs in one basket. Patience is a virtue. We continued waiting for our eggs to hatch. They did not. We will get new eggs Tuesday.

The children dictated a retelling of The Three Bears and acted it out. We had three baby bears, two mama bears, three daddy bears, two Goldilocks, and a few audience members. The story began gently but the bears became overjoyed when they returned home and found the two Goldilocks sleeping in their beds. The excitement was such that we could not hear the rest of the narration. We decided we would act itout again another day.

The big room has been hustling and bustling as usual. But quiet time was the quietest week yet. Almost.

Friday we did three more takes acting out The Three Bears. Practice does make perfect. Everyone wanted to do it again. And again. And add costumes. Hmmm. We'll see.

We also read several other bear books. One a bear is mistaken for a
man and another a boy is mistaken for a bear. Beary silly. And Little Fur Family.

Have a nice long weekend,