Opposite Art Pajamas

Hi y'all,

We started the week with Opposite Day. The tables and rug were
opposite, we had dinner for snacks, quiet time first, took our names off of the attendance chart, said goodbye upon arrival, and sang the goodnight song during circle. It was a bundle of laughs while talking and learning about opposites. We read The Backwards Day too.

Our art show was artsy. The children's comments after: I loved seeing my sculptures again because I made them myself, I like when mom and dad come to my art shows, I like to make things, I like to make artwork, and I love it cause I love my sculpture.

We decided to make Valentines. We read Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch, a Valentine's Day story about a man who works at a shoelace factory.

Pajama Day was sleepy. Not really. It was a regular fun but super comfy day. We read books, worked puzzles, squeezed and rolled modeling clay, and played in the big room. We read Hands Are Not For Hitting and Words Are Not For Hurting. We talked about using kind words,saying we're sorry, and thinking before we act. We read Little Red Riding Hood and noticed that she stopped and hesitated before entering the room. We wondered what she might be thinking. The children said she might know that it wasn't grandma, but the wolf, in grandma's
pajamas. Speaking of Pajama Day!

Everyone have a wonderfully chilly week off. And thanks a million for the roses!

Teachers love that stuff,