I like when my friend...

Dear parents,

We started our week reading I Like It When..., and You Choose.
Everyone got a turn to talk about what they like. We also read
Everybody Takes Turns. The children in the book were sharing some of
the same things we share at school. We read that even adults have to
take turns. Hmmm.

Everyone made collages to add to our Me Books. We used textures of all
sorts: soft, smooth, thick, and thin. Some decided to make more than

We had our first yoga class with Frank. The children guessed what we
would do in yoga. Afterwards, we compared our list to see if we were
right. We were. We added to the list. Yoga with Frank is: fun,
exercise, bridge pose, mountain pose, and lion pose. During yoga the
children were sitting and listening, looking at cards, lying on
stomachs with hands outstretched, and crouching in little balls.

While half the class was in yoga, the rest of us worked on decorating
the covers for our books. We looked at the cover of a book on our
shelf and then got to work making covers of our own. The children used
crayons and then watercolors.

We ate lunch outside on sunny Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Quiet
time has remained as quiet as a mouse with 6-8 sleepers almost

We asked, "I like when my friend..." and the children answered, "plays
with me, goes on a play date, listens, swings with me," and so much
more. This list becomes our classroom rules, and will be referred to
the rest of the year. It is a way of making the rules positive instead
of the alternative: no this, and no that (grabbing, hitting,

We read Do Unto Otters, and Be Nice, to give us more ideas of what
kind of friends we want to be.

We played our first game of Duck, Duck,  Goose. It was a hoot!

Have a seasonally appropriate weekend,