Our Bodies, Ourselves

Dear everyone,

We began our week doing whole body tracings. We counted arms, hands, legs, and feet, as we traced. Everyone got turns to work in the big room using watercolor to paint their bodies. The third day we added more paint and some glitter paint. The fourth day we used glue, lots of glue, to add sparkles. We read I Like Me!, I Like Myself!, and All By Myself.

In the yard we discovered roly polies, more worms, and many colored leaves. One person decided to collect leaves to make a salad. A group of children were playing firemen, or in this case, fire women. Some were talking on their cellphones/wood-chips. In the sandbox a hole, or was it a river, was dug out. And as usual, there is tons of running, chasing, climbing, sliding, and swinging.

We will be tracking the seasons by observing a tree in the yard. We call it Our Tree. We took our first group photo, a couple weeks ago, under our tree and noticed its green summer leaves. We have been watching it each week to look for signs of fall. Someone noticed one tiny patch of yellow leaves. We're waiting, waiting, waiting for more. Meanwhile we are noticing many fallen colored leaves and acorn caps from other trees.

Next week we will write our classroom rules, talk about friends, work on "me" books, and have our first yoga class.

Have a restful weekend,