It's a family affair

Hi All,

Our week began full of energy. We needed time outside, and inside, to
run around. And around and around. So we did. A couple of other days
we ran to run too. It felt like we ran a marathon this week.

Tuesday Heather came and talked to us about self portraits. We looked
at each other’s faces for shapes and then in mirrors at our own faces.
We saw ovals and circles. We talked about lines and shapes and got to
use black sharpies to draw our faces. After our self portraits, we
drew another picture of our choice using colored markers. The pictures
are on display by the cubbies.

We read Are You My Mother? and What Moms Can’t Do. After reading Our
House and The Wonderful House, we asked how many people live in your
house? Everyone got to choose paper cut-out people to represent family
members and color them with markers. Some children made eyes, noses,
and mouths, while others focused on drawing clothes. We glued our
families into our homes we made last week. Homes sweet homes.

We read Loving before going to play in the big room. Big room games
this week: train, black panthers, family, going to the market, block
building, wheels, and just all around running and climbing.

Next week we will continue reading books about families, and we will
make gifts and cookies for family members.

Families are invited to join us on Friday at 11:15am for cookies and
milk. Cookies and milk! Yum!