Rome wasn't built in a day

Dear parents,

We started our new year by measuring everyone to see how much we’ve grown: some one inch, some a half an inch, and for others, the song remains the same.

Tuesday we focused on block building. Before entering the big room we discussed the block rules: no structures taller than we are, no knocking down buildings, and everyone helps clean up. We asked about knocking buildings over and the children understood that wood is hard
and can hurt. They built a spaceship that evolved into a gum factory. Most of the children worked cooperatively building a good sized ship/factory, while two or three built a railroad separately. Everyone built together, listening and taking turns adding blocks. Everyone helped return all blocks to their proper places. Afterwards, everyone gave themselves a pat on the back, a hug, and a high five for doing such great work.

Friday we played in the big room while Lice Busters! visited.

We will continue with building and sculpting the next couple of weeks leading into our music unit.

Please bring shoeboxes for our guitars!! Or any boxes of similar size. Thank you!

Have a toasty weekend,