Hi everyone,

Hope your spring break was fun. We heard from the children that you went to Paris, upstate, Alaska, Fire Island, to Grandma’s, Philly, the Civil War Museum, Millerton, the movies, had cousins visit from out of town, watched old movies at home, and one person said they went away but couldn’t remember where.

We began our week counting and sorting seeds. We added these seeds to our rice table. The next day we drew with pencils and added the same seeds to our pictures with glue. We shook our maracas up high, down low, and made lots of noise. We took turns shaking each maraca one at
a time, guessing and remembering, which seeds we had poured inside when we made them many weeks ago.

Wednesday we planted those same seeds in small baggies, adding water, and placing them in the window. The children answered their own questions about what the seeds needed to grow. We read a book about flowers that showed pictures of what we expect our seeds to do. We are learning the names of the plant parts. The children wanted to know how long we’d have to wait for our seeds to grow.

We read The Carrot Seed many times.

In the yard we have been observing signs of spring. Our tree has started blooming. We see many buds opening. We have been seeing more birds too. Someone identified a red breasted robin. Children noticed ants and said, “Let’s not make them dead.”

The next day we counted how many people chose each seed. People wondered why they hadn’t grown yet. We read Flowers and Seasons. We took our spring tree picture.

Friday we ate lunch outside and spotted two bumble bees buzzing around our tree.

Have a sunny weekend,