More guitar

Dear everyone,

The children all got to choose a box to use for their guitar. We painted inside and out. We added glitter glue and glitter glitter. Everyone chose different colored rubber bands to add for the strings. We took turns plucking and describing what happened to the strings. The children said they were wobbly, blurry, bouncy, fiery, wiggly, twirly, salty, and colorful. “They look like two strings when they pluck,” someone noticed. We talked about the word vibration. We reread Ben’s Trumpet and saw how the drumsticks in the illustrations looked like many sticks indicating vibration.

We counted how many cans we had to choose from for our drums. Everyone chose a color of duct tape to decorate their drum, and cut the tape to cover the cans. Afterwards we took turns beating patterns on our drums and copied each other. Some children played small sounds with one finger while others banged with whole hands loudly.

Next week we will make the much anticipated papier mache maracas.

Half the class slept on Wednesday. Quiet time remains quiet.

Have a healthy weekend!