Run as fast as you can!

Dear families,

Whew! The week flew by. The children were hard at work all week beading, painting, mixing, and decorating gifts for you all. We beaded necklaces. We painted boxes. We decorated bags. We mixed cookie dough. We rolled it out and cut cookies. We also managed to have time to run
in the big room. All work and all play.

We read six versions of The Gingerbread Boy and hoped that our cookies would not try to get away from us. They did not! We compared and contrasted our different storybooks of the demise of the cookie. The children noticed different noses on the gingerbread boy; some had buttons, others not. One story had a bear; only in one story did the old man and old woman have a son. All stories had a river but one, and only one had the pursuers sitting down to rest. They also noticed the different sizes of the books.

Friday the children served our gingerbread men cookies to mamas, papas, babas, grandparents, siblings, and babysitters. It took three days to make them and three minutes to eat them.

When we return we will be working on more block building, leading into sculptures.

Thanks a million for the cookies, gifts, and kind words! All are truly appreciated.

Have a peaceful holiday,