The early bird

Hi y’all,

We began our week wiggling like worms. We played with some rubbery
rainbow worms in the classroom. People noticed there were four
different sizes. We went outside and used them for a worm hunt in the
sandbox. A couple of people found a real worm. They left him in the
soft shaded soil and observed him digging. The snails have been
getting equal attention.

We watched three videos Clara’s uncle sent us about his pet worms. He
explained how the worms eat the peoples' food scraps, adding nutrients
to the soil which they then use in the garden. After the videos, we
had a little pop quiz, which the children passed with flying colors.

While class photos were happening everyone made worms using model
magic and food color. We have blue, pink, yellow, green, and one peach
worm. While playing in the yard someone found the world’s tiniest
worm. So tiny it was hard to tell if it was real.

We have been playing a Bingo alphabet game, and a farm animal board
game much to everyone’s delight. We played the farm animal game while
others danced with scarves to the sounds of drumming with Alex. We
also sang B-I-N-G-O and Old Macdonald.

We examined our plastic insects with magnifying glasses. We also had
one real bee to see. The children asked if he was dead? Some said yes,
while two thought maybe he was sleeping. They wondered how he died.
“Maybe he just fell out of the sky?” “Possibly someone stepped on
him?” We realized that may not have happened because if it had, he
would be squashed. The class noticed he had a stripe on his eye, curvy
legs, maybe still a stinger, a long thing coming out of his mouth,
wings, and one person thought they saw pollen on the bee's knees.

When we held the magnifying glass over the dead bee, he seemed to
suddenly dance, which startled a few of us. We can only assume it was
the electric static coming off of the glass after wiping it with a
tissue to clean it. It was rather exciting so we did it many times,
including in circle, so everyone could see the dancing bee.

After eating lunch outside on Thursday, as we climbed the stairs to
the kitchen, a baby bird flew into the glass door, landed on the
porch, and then flew and landed on Stellan. It was pretty exciting but
everyone remained calm until the bird flew safely back to the yard.
Then we went to sleep. Quiet time continues to be pretty quiet with a
couple of people asking for it.

Friday we read Are You A Butterfly?, The Backward Day, and Waiting For
Wings. We listened to peaceful bird songs during snack. Outside we
found lots of worms to end worm week and discovered new sprouts under
our bench. We quietly flapped our wings and flew back upstairs for
lunch where we listened to several stories before playing some
Alphabet Bingo and heading into a very quiet, quiet time.

Have a three day weekend,
Therese and Anna