The Fruit Doesn't Fall Far

Hi Parents,

This week everyone glued their family photos to the oranges we painted
last week in preparation for our feast.

On Monday we made butter. The children knew that cream came from a
cow. We looked at the two cows on the cream carton and (sort of), sang
“brown chicken, brown cow.” When asked how long it would take to shake
our cream into butter one person said, “Three years.” Luckily it did
not take that long. We divided the cream into four containers and took
turns shaking like crazy while listening and dancing to disco. It
seemed like only minutes before we had butter.

On Tuesday the children helped wash sweet potatoes and put them in a
big pot to boil. We took turns going down to the kitchen to check on
them. We peeled the skins off and everyone had a turn using the hand
mixer. A few people said their mamas do the mixing at home. We added a
tiny bit of cinnamon, the butter we made, nutmeg, and milk. The next
day we heated them up and melted marshmallows on top. We also made
corn muffins, a vehicle for our butter.

On Wednesday, families came to put their fruit on the family orange
tree as we sang Way Down Yonder By The Orange Tree. The meal was

Have a warm holiday weekend,