A Tree grows at Old First

Dear Parents,

This week, we continued working on our family orange tree. The
children helped make the branches by working in pairs to twist long
pieces of brown paper. We talked about how many are in a pair, and
other things that come in pairs.

Everyone helped cut green paper into leaves. We also cut up the green
paper we painted last week after reading Little Blue and Little
Yellow. We glued the leaves to the branches before adding them to our
tree. The tree is growing nicely, beside the sign-in board.

We looked for pictures of an orange tree in our many tree books. We
found apple trees galore, a peach tree, and a pear tree, but no orange
trees. We ate clementines and looked at the picture of the clementine
tree on the bag. We noticed that its leaves are green. We sang Oh My
Darlin' Clementine and everyone used their fine motor skills to peel
the clementines. We saved our peels to dry out and use at a later

On Friday we compared an orange and a clementine. The children noticed
their size difference, using our sense of sight. When we passed around
the peels and used our sense of touch, they noticed a difference in
the way they felt too. We used our sense of taste and ate the oranges
for snacks. Someone said they smell like oranges!

We mixed two colors of paint for our fruit, for the orange family
tree. We also looked at our group picture in front of our tree in the
yard; fall tree vs summer tree. The class noticed the different
colored leaves. That’s a lot of tree talk.

Next week we will make butter, sweet potatoes, and corn muffins for
the family feast. The feast happens on Wednesday at 11:15 am. It will
begin with each child and their family putting their fruit onto our

As always, it is truly a pleasure to get to share with y'all the
progress of your offspring at our conferences.

Thanks for all the family photos! We need seven more. We are planning
on gluing them Monday. (Smiley face)

Have a great weekend,