Tree Sculptures

Dear Everybody,

This week the children worked on holiday gift sculptures using our
Christmas tree stumps. They stacked, glued, painted, and added

We talked about getting and giving gifts during this season and who we
might want to give our gifts to. One person said since their brother
was probably already getting lots of gifts, and their parents weren’t,
they were going to give it to their parents.

Our trip to La Bagel Delight was short and sweet. The bagel baker told
us that the water they boil the bagels in is 650 degrees and the oven
is 450 degrees. He told us there was one person who rolls all the
bagels by hand! After we saw our bagels go in the oven we decided to
go play in the yard.

We read In Our Home, and an all time favorite, No David! We asked the
children what David was doing in the pictures that was causing his
mama to say “No!” We asked why don’t we play ball in the house? We
noticed how some of David’s house rules were the same as our school

Next week we will use our dried orange, mandarin, tangerine, and
clementine peels to create a potpourri to give as gifts.

We will also make gingerbread men cookies. Families are invited for
cookies and milk on Friday, December 21st at 11:30am.

Have a festive weekend,