Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Hi you all,

We began our week Monday talking about feelings, good and bad. The
children named some of both. Good: safe, happy, surprised, and loved.
Bad: angry and sad. We asked what color would happy be? Sad? Angry? We
read I Am A Wrecking Ball! and noted the feelings in the book.

We talked about what makes us feel happy, sad, or angry. We read I Was
So Mad by Mercer Mayer and discussed why the child in the book was
mad. The children said they feel mad if someone pinches, hits, or
kicks them. The good news is there is not much of this in the

Please bring in a family photo! We will begin creating our family tree
in November. Which is now.

We brought our Mr. Bones down to be closely examined on Halloween. We
read Me And My Bones, again, and bent our bones at the joints. We sang
The Leg Bone’s Connected To The...  In yoga people were seen bending,
standing straight and tall, listening to, and looking at Frank.

We read It’s Mine! by Leo Lionni and talked about how the frogs felt
when their friends would not share the air, the water, or the land. We
talked about how we feel when our friends don’t want to share. In the
yard, it came up again when a friend didn’t want to share an imaginary
game of fire trucks.

We played Duck, Duck, Goose, and someone reminded us we had to use
patience to wait for our turn. Everyone had a turn running around and
around and around. Some children just kept running. After the game, we
ran around the big room some more, then went out to play. Friday we
played another circle game where everyone had turns to get up and
wiggle, a necessary part of our day!

Did I mention the family photos? Please bring in a family photo, a 4x6
is fine and it can be a computer print out. Thank you.

Have a marathon weekend,