Mr. Bones has a heart

Hi Everybody,

Monday we added our doctor kit to the classroom. There were suddenly
many illnesses and shots were necessary. During circle, we read My
Heart and I Like Me. We saw pictures of what our hearts look like, and
we felt to see where our hearts are. Everyone got to use a real
stethoscope to listen to their own heartbeats. One person said it
sounds like a fire engine, another said hers went thump. After snacks,
we went into the big room to run laps and listen to our hearts again.
Everyone who couldn’t hear it before, could after exercising.

Tuesday we walked to the fire station. We met Fireman John who told us
to "Stay Low and Go!" if there was a fire. He showed us his special
fire boots, pants, jacket, hood, and hat. He put them on and everyone
had a chance to touch them. He said even firemen Stay Low and Go when
they go into the fire to look for children. Suddenly the fire alarm
went off! We had to move quickly and quietly out of the fire station
so they could leave for a real emergency. It was exciting! The firemen
waved goodbye as they left.

Yoga with Frank was quiet, mostly. People were seen doing the warrior
pose and balancing on one foot. While half the class was in yoga, the
rest of us read Mother Mother I Feel Sick Send For The Doctor Quick
Quick Quick and played with the doctor kit. Many of us needed more

We added Mr. Bones, our little skeleton friend, to the classroom and
read about bones being soft on the inside and hard on the outside. We
talked about how many bones we have in our bodies and what parts have

Heather came Thursday to do self-portraits. Everyone had a turn to
look in the mirror while Heather asked us what shapes and lines we see
in our faces. The children said they saw circles, rectangles, and
squiggly lines. We went to work drawing our self-portraits. Then she
gave everybody a new piece of paper and colors to draw whatever we
wanted from our imaginations.

Friday, in the yard, we blew bubbles. We thought about what kind of
breaths we needed to blow a bubble. Some children said they use soft
breaths while others said hard. There were plenty of bubbles to pop.

Quiet time has been sleepy.

Next week, more about breath and what that has to do with our feelings.

Have a spooky weekend,