We are family and friends

Dear Parents,

We began our week reading Leo Lionni’s The Greedy Python. We reread
It’s Mine! and discussed the animals in the book not being such good
friends. We asked the children to complete the sentence, “I like when
my friend...” They answered: shares, listens, plays with me, goes with
me to Michigan, shares food and Halloween candy with me.

We made new and improved play dough. The children helped add all the
ingredients, stir it up, and finally mix in a color. They got to
choose between blue and yellow. After everyone mixed their colors in
we decided to share a little blue for a little yellow with each
friend. People immediately noticed a new color.

During circle, we read Little Blue And Little Yellow, another story by
Leo Lionni.
We went to the table to paint in pairs using yellow and blue paint.
One person said we were using teamwork! We were. Once again everyone
talked excitedly about a new color emerging on the paper.

We brainstormed trees we know and made a list. The children came up
with a cherry tree, apple tree, orange, coconut, lemon, banana, and
pineapple tree. Everyone voted on which tree to make our family tree.
Coconut and orange tied so we had a runoff. And the winner was...

We have been watching our tree in the yard to see the change of
leaves. The children notice they are half green and half yellow now.
We took our group fall photo under the tree.

We began the trunk of our family tree. The children cut bark out of
paper and burlap. They glued it to the trunk along with popsicle
sticks. We talked about what things come from trees. The children
pointed out wood in our classroom: the tables and chairs, the book and
toy shelves, the water table, the dollhouse, the door, and walls. They
also named things in our yard that are made of wood.

We read The Giving Tree and talked about all the tree gave to the boy.
One person said the tree gave everything!

Next week we will continue creating our family tree. We received two
family pictures, fourteen to go!

Have a seasonally appropriate weekend,