Giant Squid

Hi y’all,

We began our week reading about the giant squid and examining a
picture of one. What is the shape of its body? How many arms does it
have? Tentacles? We went to work in the big room with a giant piece of
mural paper to begin our creation. The children wanted to paint it
reddish. While he dried, we rode tricycles for a few minutes, did a
quick quiet fire drill, and went to play outside.

Tuesday Danny came in and played guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. We got
to hear You Are My Sunshine on all three instruments. We also helped
sing I’ve Been Working On The Railroad. Kathleen and Danny harmonized
on the last song, a sweet lullaby.

This week the children dictated four stories involving many creatures
of the sea. Everyone took turns adding sentences and characters. There
were lots of hungry animals eating the characters as fast as they were
added. We acted out two of the stories while half the class drew their
second self-portrait with Heather. We will choose one story to act out
for our end of the year show. The show will be on the last day of
school, June 26th at 10:30 am.

Monday we will get out our swimming pool. That means everyone can wear
bathing suits, water shoes, and sunscreen to school. Don’t forget to
bring dry underwear for after. Yes, wear bathing suits to school.

Have a phenomenal weekend,