Many fish in the sea

Hi everyone,

We started our ocean unit singing Down In The Bottom Of The Deep Blue
Sea, and Swimming, Swimming. We read Life In A Coral Reef and looked
for coral like the ones we have in the classroom. Vivienne reminded us
that her mom gave them to the class. We examined many seashells too,
some were bumpy, some smooth. We looked at pictures of oceans in a few
books to see what colors we would need to paint our ocean mural. We
mixed blue, green, and a little white for the waves.

Tuesday the children made a card for Stellan to take to his new house.
He left at half-day pickup. At 12:04 someone asked a friend, “Do you
miss Stellan?” Yes, was the answer. Friday we made a card for Laszlo
who is starting summer vacation early. Nice! Someone drew snails
because they know how much he likes them.

On our trip to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, we were read a book, got to
use a windmill, and had a little scavenger hunt. We hunted for a
wind-blown flag, ripples in the water, shadows, waving grass, birds,
and planes, to name a few. We took the bus there and the train back.
The children noticed many other busses on our bus ride. We were hungry
and tired upon our return.

Our birthday fish swam across the room to enjoy the ocean mural.

Friday we read about big sea creatures and voted on which one to make,
to swim in our ocean mural. We brainstormed sea creatures, wrote a
list,  crossed out the ones we agreed were not giant and voted on the
three biggest: giant squid, blue whale, and whale shark. It was almost
a tie. One won by one vote.

Monday we will start working on our big sea creature.

Have a swimmy weekend,