Swimming, Swimming

Hi everyone,

This last week of school we spent in our tiny refreshing pool, and
playing and splashing in two water bins. We reread our many ocean
books. We looked at pictures of seahorses to figure how we could make
seahorse tails to go with our story the class wrote. We recycled our
family tree branches into seahorse tails after someone had the idea to
curl paper.

The children painted seahorse tails, shark fins, and lobster claws. We
rehearsed our story a few times.

Wednesday we had our last music class with Alex who gave rave reviews
to the class for participation. We had two Old First alumni visit our
class that same day, Gus and Alex, who are ten and in fifth grade.
They read books to the class, played tag in the yard, and kept the
entire class on their feet. After eating lunch in the yard with us, we
sang the goodbye song as they left.

More pool, more splashing.

Beach day was a breeze! We got our ankles wet, dug in the sand, and
searched for sand crabs. Andrew helped and suddenly there were sand
crabs galore.

Monday, bathing suits? Yes.

Tuesday we will act out a sea adventure written by the class. It will
begin at 10:30. Afterwards, we will swim into summer.

Have a prideful weekend.
See y’all Monday,