Our Bodies, Ourselves

Dear you all,

We started the week tracing our bodies. The children took turns lying
down and getting traced. We counted fingers, legs, and arms as we
traced. Everyone used oil pastels to color their tracings on the
second day. On the third day, we used watercolors to paint them. We
are colorful indeed!

We have been singing On Top Of Spaghetti, Byum Byum By Bubblegum, This
Little Light of Mine, It’s Raining It’s Pouring, Raindrops Keep Fallin
On My Head, The Peanut-butter Song, A Circles Round, and many others.

We played Red Light, Green Light in the big room. We talked about
using listening ears and watching eyes, to make sure we don’t crash
into one another. We used our STOP sign, which includes a GO sign on
the other side. We counted the sides of the stop sign and identified
its shape. It has the same number of sides as an octopus has legs. We
talked about how red means stop and green means go. During the game,
we ran, hopped like bunnies, stomped like elephants, crawled like
kitties, and slithered like snakes. After all that work, we went out
to play.

We have been watching our grass grow each day and singing The Green
Grass Grows All Around.

We are using some sign language during snacks. The children are
helping to create signs for different snacks. When they want more,
instead of yelling out (supposedly), we are holding up the signs for
water, crackers, vege sticks, bear crackers, or popcorn. We talked
about other non-verbal signs we use every day: yes, no, I don’t know,
and stop.

We did some yoga stretches during circle. The children were focused
and still. We did cat, squat, body roll, and triangle.

Next week we will make our eye pie, do self-portraits with Heather,
and begin yoga with Frank.

Have a chilly weekend,