Week Wonderful

Hi Everyone,

The first week was amazingly wonderful. We played in the water table,
colored our placements with crayons and watercolors, squeezed play
dough, and worked puzzles. During circle we sang the Good Morning
song, read Spot Goes To School, and talked a tiny bit about wheels.
Some children said they have scooters and bicycles. We sang Willoughby
Wallaby Woo as we went to wash hands before snacks.

We also read Are You Ready For School?, Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready
For Kindergarten, Little Dinosaur Goes To School, and We Share At

Outside we dug in the sandbox and took turns swinging on the swings.
Several new friends were pretty determined on the swings. Quite
impressive. The jungle gym became a bus which had one person asking
why there were so many stops? A few people took turns driving while
others constantly went up and down the slide and ladder.

So far, we’ve discovered one empty snail shell, and one quarter, which
someone said was glass. When asked what we could buy with the money,
children responded: toys, food, and a boat. Some children also found
the world’s tiniest snail by the sandbox. They did a great job

Friday we used alphabet stamps and purple paint to decorate our art
folders. Some children talked about the letters in their names. We
sang the A,B,C’s each time we noticed it in one of our books, that’s a

Our first few weeks will be spent learning each other’s names, getting
used to the routine, owning the space, making friends, gaining trust,
using the bathroom, washing hands, going up and down the stairs,
taking turns, and all around having fun.

Next week we will use our sense of touch and our listening ears.

Thanks to all parents for doing an excellent job at drop-off! Bravo, bravo!

Have a lovely long weekend,