What can we do with our hands?

Dear parents,

We began our week tracing our hands and then coloring them with crayons. We sang Open, Shut Them, and Where Is Thumbkin? We read Here Are My Hands and added watercolor to our handprints.

In circle we used our hands to clap some patterns, sort of, and read Wash Your Hands! We looked at our hands to see if we could see the “germs and the nasties” they spoke about in the book. We could not. The book said they’re smaller than alligators.

We asked the class, “What can you do with your hands?” They responded: pick up toys, play, grab, eat, touch, hold a balloon, touch an elephant, and make a shadow. The list is in the classroom. We read All By Myself and noticed all the things the child in the book did with their hands. We added eating apples to our list, during snack time.

Outside, we used our hands to dig in the sand. In the sandbox, children made a blueberry pie, a strawberry cake, and some pancakes for breakfast. We also used our hands to swing and climb the jungle gym.

We started Friday by taking turns at the Feely Box. Each person got to use their hands to feel an object in the box and guess what it was. Peoples’ guesses: a spikey, a person that connects, I don’t know, and a pinecone, among others. During circle, we talked about our five senses and which one we had just used. The children said we had used our sense of touch or feeling. Then we looked in the box to see what was there.

We used our hands to squeeze, squash, roll, and pat our play dough - great for strengthening our handwriting and pre-writing muscles. We created more watercolors and paintings at the easel.

Next week, we will talk about our feet and begin measuring everyone to track growth during the year.

Have a fantastic weekend,